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John's Gallery

This section shows some of my carvings. They are shown as a slide show. If you want information on the techniques, feel free to ask.  All of the techniques are things others have taught me and I'll be happy to pass that information on.


The Finishing section discusses techniques with oils, acrylics, and antiquing solutions. A lot of the processes and steps are similar, but there are some critical differences.  Don't ruin a good carving with a poor finishing job.


Check out the Pattern section.  
There are some interesting ideas from Doane, as well as classic Santa's 
and other creatures of fantasy.


Knife Making

Covers information on
making your own knives such as:  
Source of materials. 
Making your first blade
 It's fun and it can save you some money.  
See if it is something you might like to try.


See something you like!
Feel free to download images or 
patterns for your own use.

Pictures are reduced in
size (and therefore quality)
to speed loading pages.
If you want originals,

Don't know how to download?
Check out the Download section 
for instructions .


Wonders of Wood Shows

Click here to view Pictures from the Show s from 1999 through 2005  Visit this section to see The Peoples Choice and Best of Show awards as well as participant's tables.  Due to financial and scheduling problems, there was no show after 2005.  



Archives of 1999-2002 newsletters